Musical Director

Gill Potts   David Milstead 

Meet the Cast

Introducing our cast and their roles in the three parts of our show.

The Zoo

Laetitia - Daisy Jackson   Eliza - Samantha Hammonds   Aesculapius Carboy - Chris Jackson

Thomas Brown - Ian Potts    Mr. Grinder - Ian Ferguson

If you want to know who we are

Richard D'Oyly Carte - Ian Ferguson   W S Gilbert - Stephen Oliver   Sgt Meryll - Ian Potts

Sir Arthur Sullivan - Harrison Weston   Ko-Ko - Dave Raftery   Col. Fairfax - Chris Jackson

Lady Jane/Main Narrator - Marilyn Oliver   Kate - Winifred McDonnell

Yum Yum - Daisy Jackson   Pitti Sing - Elly Eveleigh   Peep Bo - Polly Jackson

Edith - Maxine Eveleigh   Mabel - Hannah Neighbour

Trial by Jury

Judge - Keith Moore   Plaintiff - Daisy Jackson   Counsel - Samantha Hammonds

Defendant - Chris Jackson   Usher - Ian Potts   Foreman of the Jury - Bernie McDonnell

Our Principals

Keith Moore

joined us in 2009 for Pirates, having previously sung with Brampton and SIMADS. His favourite role is Lord Chancellor in Iolanthe. He would have liked to have been a professional cricketer, but enjoys watching cricket and football - especially if Derby County win!

Daisy Jackson

joined us at a very young age and is the third generation of her family to perform oroes with us. Her first leading role was Elsie in Yeomen. Last year she sang Josephine, another demanding role. She is now on our Committee and is responsible for our programme and its artwork.

Ian Potts

has been a member since 1985 and has played most of the bass/baritone roles, and even a couple of tenor roles! He also helps with Set design and makes props. His favourite role is The Pirate King in Pirates, which he has now played three times.

Ian Ferguson

is also a member of Stamford G&S and the Chater Community choir. His favourite role is Wilfred Shadbolt in Yeomen.

He is an avid Test Match follower, and like Keith, wishes he could have taken it up professionally.


Samantha Hammond

enjoys performing in all types of Musicals. She recently played one of the lead roles in CATS' production of 'Nine to Five'. We are pleased to welcome her back as a Principal this year.


Chris Jackson

is our Tenor lead, following in his father Barrie's footsteps.His favourite role is Frederic (Pirates). He is a keen photographer and helps to edit our website. Having recently visited New York, he has now got the travel bug.

Harrison Weston

first joined for our Summer Concert in 2012. His favourite show is Yeomen. Last year he had his first Principal role. He also sings with Corby Male Voice Choir and enjoys playing the piano in his spare time.

Marilyn Oliver

joined us in 2004. Her first principal role was Tessa in Gondoliers but her favourite role is probably Ruth (Pirates). She loves dancing and Shakespeare. She has co-written 'If you want to know who we are' for this year's anniversary production.

Stephen Oliver

is a keen G&S buff. He is also a member of Stamford G&S and recently played the Pirate King with them. 

He enjoys sport, especially rugby, both as a spectator and a referee.

Dave Raftery

has played many of the 'patter' roles with us, his favourite being Jack Point (Yeomen). He also enjoys playing squash and watching top class cricket and rugby.

  Supporting Roles

Winifred McDonnell, Bernie McDonnell, Maxine Eveleigh, Elly Eveleigh

Polly Jackson, Hannah Neighbour

Ladies Chorus

Rebecca Burgess, Ruth Bainbridge, Dawn Dodsworth, Louise Earnshaw, Elly Eveleigh, Maxine Eveleigh, Daisy Jackson, Cathy Humphris

Samantha Hammonds, Polly Jackson, Claire Meads, Winifred McDonnell, Hannah Neighbour, Mary Nodwell, Marilyn Oliver, Bobbie Turton

Mens Chorus

Derek Dodsworth, Chris Jackson, Ian Ferguson, Keith Moore, Paul Eveleigh, Ben Richardson, Steve Holman, Bernie McDonnell

Brian Norris, Harrison Weston, Ivan Henderson, Stephen Oliver, Ian Potts, Dave Raftery, David Stapleton, David Wills


Marilyn Oliver, Keith Moore, Louise Earnshaw, Dave Raftery, Paul Eveleigh

Nicola Wilkins, Maxine Eveleigh, Ian Potts, Daisy Jackson, Bobbie Turton, Hannah Neighbour*

Front of House


Back Stage



Jane Grant, Peter Woodhead, Claire Fox, Carol Sandall



Robin Neighbour, Dick Meads, Lily Nita, Ben Porter


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Joining the Players

New members are always welcome. We have 2 productions a year; the Gilbert and Sullivan production rehearsals start late August and the performance is a week in February the following year. The summer concert rehearsals start in March every year and the performances over a weekend are in the middle of June. You can join as a full member and take part in either or both productions.

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